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Apr 11, 2022
New STARS Interactive Reporting and Analytics Portal
Building upon the rollout of the new STARS user experience, we are pleased to announce a new interactive STARS Reporting and Analytics Portal to be released on April 25! As part of the NDDPI’s strategy to provide innovative resources to North Dakota’s K-12 public schools, this platform provides STARS users data tools to better inform and support improvement initiatives to enhance student learning outcomes. Read more here.
Mar 23, 2022
STARS - End of School Prep
The end of the school year is just around the corner! STARS Spring Enrollment is due 30 Jun 2022. STARS data needs to be validated and submitted before the due date. A school should also verify the Average Daily Membership (ADM) report data. Foundation Aid payments are calculated based on data from the ADM report.
We've prepared these two guides to help schools review and clean up their STARS data and to also access and review their ADM report.
STARS - Enrollment - Save-Validate-Submit.pdf
STARS - Enrollment - Accessing ADM Report.pdf

Mar 7, 2022
The STARS User Interface is getting an overhaul on March 10th!
Improvements were made based on user feedback we obtained through surveys, as well as from our STARS advisory group. This is a multi-phase initiative. The first phase focuses on the user interface and user experience.

Some new features include:
  • Updated color schema and modernized look
  • The homepage has been updated to reduce the number of clicks needed to get to different reports
  • Reports will now open in “edit” mode for authorized users
  • The new “breadcrumb” feature makes it easier to navigate between pages
  • The “enter” button will now work the same as it does on most other modern websites (instead of taking you back to the homepage)
  • Users can change the entity and year directly within the report
  • See more...
Jan 11, 2022
Reminder-CTE-Turn on 2 CTE Automated File Transfer switches which are the following; 1. CTE Course Data and 2. CTE Student Course Details.